Using Microsoft Graph Extension with SPFX

Main aim of this post is to show how we can use Microsoft Graph Extensions with SPFX to provide ability for user to configure consistent UI experience across different devices and apps.

As Microsoft Graph provide a single API endpoint that give you access to data and insights from office 365, azure and other platforms.
You can also extend Microsoft Graph using your own application data.

You can directly add custom properties to Graph Resources for example, User, Group, Message etc. See following table for supported resources.

Resource Open extensions Schema extensions
Administrative unit Preview only Preview only
Calendar event GA GA
Device GA GA
Group GA GA
Group calendar event GA GA
Group conversation post GA GA
Message GA GA
Organization GA GA
Personal contact GA GA
User GA GA

There are two types of Microsoft Graph Extensions available

Open Extensions

  • Its provide a way to add custom untyped data directly to specific resource

Schema Extensions

  • In Schema Extensions, you need to create / define your schema first and then use that schema for strongly typed custom data.

In this demo, I will be using Graph Open Extension

Implementation Detail

Application contain 4 tabs as below


We can create a new Microsoft Graph Open Extension under this tab.

Create Graph ExtensionCreate Graph Extension

You need to provide a JSON body of an openTypeExtension, with the following required name-value pairs, and any additional custom data. The data in the JSON payload can be primitive types, or arrays of primitive types. See below an example.

Create Graph Extension SchemaCreate Graph Extension Schema

One thing to make sure is that your extension name should be unique. Recommendation is to use a reverse domain name system (DNS) format that is dependent on your own domain, for example, in my case, com.ejazhussain.settings.

Do not use the Microsoft domain (Com.Microsoft or Com.OnMicrosoft) in an extension name.

2. GET
Here we can retrieve existing Open Graph Extension by its unique extension ID. In my case it will be “com.ejazhussain.settings”.
In term of choosing unique name for your

Get Graph ExtensionGet Graph Extension

Here we will update existing Open Graph Extension. There is a possibility that you might want to update only a single property. So, the trick here is that you need to get existing Graph Extension values first and then update the required property using PATCH call.
Patch Graph ExtensionPatch Graph Extension

Delete Open Graph Extension
Delete Graph ExtensionDelete Graph Extension

Following permissions needed to create Graph Extension under USER resource

USER Resource - Graph Extension PermissionUSER Resource - Graph Extension Permission

Code Snippets

Here are the content of custom Graph service

This is how you can call above Graph service from your component to Create Graph Extension. Similar way you can call GET,POST,DELETE methods.

You can find complete source code at the following GitHub Repo

Explore solution on GitHub

Hope you found this post useful.

Author: Ejaz Hussain
Reprint policy: All articles in this blog are licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 unless stating additionally.